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Why An Adjustment Might Be Neccessary

Digital Mileage / Digital Hours Correction may be necessary if digital malfunction happens. Or in the instance of Heavy Machinery or Plant Hire. Operation or abuse of machinery may result in the hour meter units getting damaged and when replaced by new or secondhand units, the hours may have been adjusted to suit the tractor or plant machinery.


Why Are We Better

It’s not just about having the tools. We have 15 years experience and a strong electronic background. We have the ability to create solutions for most corrections and repairs. From Tractors, Excavators, Modern Cars, Vans and Buses we can find the solutions. Along with our expertise we use software form Dashfixer, Elprosys, Smellecom, Diaggrog, DP3, X-Tool, Orange5, XProg, Elnel, and UPA.




Is Digital Mileage / Digital Hour Meter Correction Legal?

Mileage corrections or adjustments are, undoubtedly, of key concern where displayed values no longer reflect a true record of distance traveled and will need to be addressed by appropriate remedial action. The history of odometer readings has been fraught with reputation issues despite the process being perfectly legal and compliant with the requirements of always displaying a genuine record of vehicle miles.

A legal implication will arise if the mileage has been altered for any reason and information concerning the changes is not correctly documented and supplied in full when the vehicle changes ownership, either in a private sale, public auction or via a car dealer.