• Common vehicles include: BMW (X5, X3, M5, M3), Audi (Q7, R6, R8), Range Rover (Sport, Discovery, Vogue, Lexus (LS600, LS430, RX300, RX400, Volvo (XC70, XC90), Toyota (XC70, XC90) and more.

  • Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover, VW etc. to name but a few.

  • MPH to KMH dials for Imported cars. Cars with MPH speedo’s are arriving in this country in ever increasing numbers and their dials have to converted from MPH to Kmh to be driven in Ireland.

  • Digital Hours Correction may be necessary if digital malfunction happens. Or in the instance of Heavy Machinery or Plant Hire. Operation or abuse of machinery may result in the hour meter units getting damaged and when replaced by new or secondhand units, the hours may have been adjusted to suit the tractor or plant machinery.

  • Immobiliser removal on vehicle ECU’s.

  • We have 15 years experience and a strong electronic background. We have the ability to create solutions for most corrections and repairs.

Digital Mileage / Digital Hours is the use of a Digital Odometer on an hour counter to track the distance travelled by a vehicle or the hours covered by a machine, tractor or excavator.

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